I have a special interest in "Attachment in Romantic Relationships" and can explore with you whether you have an anxious, secure, avoidant or fearful avoidant attachment style that is affecting your need for closeness and intimacy.... or space and autonomy within your relationships with others.

Although people come to see me about all sorts of issues, sooner or later, our sessions usually lead to the subject of their love lives...or lack of. Through my knowledge of Adult Attachment I am able to help clients learn more about their own unique attachment style.

We all vary greatly in our need for closeness and intimacy within a relationship and some people experience discomfort and avoidance of such closeness. Most people are only as needy as their unmet needs and these differences in our attachment needs can create challenges.

Our own unique attachment style affects:

  • Our views on intimacy and togetherness
  • The way we deal with conflict
  • Our attitude towards sex
  • Our ability to communicate our needs and wishes
  • Our expectations within a relationship

I am happy to explore all this with you to increase your self insight into your own attachment style and shed some light on the romantic choices you have made or are making.

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